Dermal filler training for dentists

Dermal Filler courses for dentists

Providing facial aesthetics at your dental practice is a great way to expand your business and the services you offer to your patients. Based at the Medicentre at The University of Wales in Cardiff, our experienced clinicians and tutors deliver basic and advanced dermal filler training for dentists.

Our experts have extensive experience in the aesthetics industry and in all dermal filler procedures. They will guide you through the training which covers ethics, pharmacology, consent and facial anatomy. Although our courses are hosted in a classroom environment, the training includes hands-on practical elements. There are even live models for you to administer lip filler treatments on under the supervision of an experienced clinician. Our dermal filler training for dentists is delivered by experts with extensive knowledge. It is also fully approved and accredited by leading aesthetic companies Hamilton & Fraser and Cosmetic Insure.


Highly valuable dermal filler training courses

At the end of your course, you will receive a certificate which states you are fully competent in administering dermal filler injections. We can even provide you with support and mentoring following your completion of the course, to help you get set up, as well as discount off dermal filler products by leading manufacturer, Juvèderm.

If you are looking for quality training in aesthetics, whether that be dermal fillers or BotoxⓇ training, then please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

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Prices of our dermal filler training for Dentists and other courses

  • Basic Dermal Filler Course – £550 – Currently at discounted price
  • Basic Aesthetic Botulinum Toxin Course – £450 Discounts apply
  • Advanced Dermal Filler Course and Lip Augmentation – £500
  • Advanced Botulinum Toxin Course – £500
  • Chemical Peel Course – £320 + VAT

If you are looking to have dermal filler treatments done and want to model for one of our courses, please get in touch. You can find out more information here.

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