Dermal fillers training for doctors

Our highly-accredited dermal filler training courses offer a new challenge to doctors who want to take on the aesthetics industry. Taught by professional clinicians, our tutors will educate you on the most effective ways to deliver quality dermal filler treatment to your patients.

What are the benefits of dermal filler courses for doctors?

With so many people opening up to the world of aesthetics, the medical industry needs more trained professionals to deliver the treatments in a safe and certified way. Doctors who can administer dermal fillers are reducing the risk of unqualified or poorly trained clinicians delivering the treatment. This provides a much more controlled way of distributing cosmetic treatments.

Quality of care

As a doctor, we understand that quality of care comes first. This is why during our dermal filler course, we not only teach you the best techniques for injecting filler, but we also look at relevant clinical skills and post-treatment patient care too. This is to ensure that your patients get the best all-round care possible.


Small course groups with hands on experience

All our facial aesthetic courses are taught in small groups of 4. This gives everyone the opportunity to ask questions and to gain a more valuable learning experience. We deliver both theory and practical elements during our dermal filler courses. We even have live models there on the day so that you can administer injections under the supervision of your clinician. At the end of the course, you will gain a certificate to confirm your training and ability as an aesthetic doctor.

You Can Clinic deliver both botox and dermal fillers courses to medical professionals. For more information on dermal filler training for doctors, please get in touch through the details provided on our website.

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Our Courses Include

  • Basic Dermal Filler Course – £550 – Currently at discounted price
  • Basic Aesthetic Botulinum Toxin Course – £450 Discounts apply
  • Advanced Dermal Filler Course and Lip Augmentation – £500
  • Advanced Botulinum Toxin Course – £500
  • Chemical Peel Course – £320 + VAT

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