Dermal fillers training for nurses

Specialising in aesthetics can be highly rewarding. Nurses who are trained in aesthetic treatments can provide a modern solution to wrinkles or skin conditions, boosting the self-esteem of their patients. At You Can Clinic, we provide expert dermal filler training for nurses who would like to progress in the aesthetics industry. Theses courses are to help you develop your skills and qualify in aesthetic treatments.

Highly accredited dermal filler courses for nurses

Our highly-accredited courses are delivered by trained clinicians. They can provide you with an authentic education in how to administer dermal fillers safely and professionally. Our clinicians will provide key information on patient care and clinical skills, to ensure that you receive a full and well-rounded education. We deliver the highest standards of aesthetics training, using only top-quality dermal filler products made by industry leading manufacturer, Juvèderm.

Course structure

Our courses are run in small groups of 4, allowing participants to gain a more personal and productive learning experience. In the morning, we run through theoretical aspects such as facial anatomy, ethics and pharmacology. In the afternoon, there will be live models for you to practice safely administering dermal filler injections on, under the close supervision of your aesthetic practitioner.


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Our Courses Include

  • Basic Dermal Filler Course – £550 – Currently at discounted price
  • Basic Aesthetic Botulinum Toxin Course – £450 Discounts apply
  • Advanced Dermal Filler Course and Lip Augmentation – £500
  • Advanced Botulinum Toxin Course – £500
  • Chemical Peel Course – £320 + VAT

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