Lip Filler Training for Dentists

It is common practice for professionals in the dental industry to expand their training to become qualified in facial aesthetics. Many dentists offer treatments such as lip fillers on top of general and cosmetic dentistry to attract more clients, as well as increase revenue for the practice.

With dentistry being so competitive, being qualified to carry out lip filler injections and dental procedures can considerably increase your patient intake or even your employability. You Can Clinic offer lip filler training for dentists as well as other aesthetics procedures, to help you boost the success of your practice and career prospects.


Advance Your Aesthetics Career with Lip Filler Training Courses

Upon completion of your lip filler training for Dentists course, you shall receive certification that states you are fully compliant to administer lip filler injections. We can also provide you with support and mentoring at the end of your course to help set you up with lip fillers, as well as offering discounts off products by leading manufacturers.

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Prices of our Lip Filler Training for Dentists and Other Courses

  • Advanced Dermal Filler Course and Lip Augmentation – £500
  • Basic Dermal Filler Course – £550 – Currently at discounted price
  • Basic Aesthetic Botulinum Toxin Course – £450 Discounts apply
  • Advanced Botulinum Toxin Course – £500
  • Chemical Peel Course – £320 + VAT

If you are looking to have lip filler treatment done and want to model for one of our courses, please get in touch. You can find out more information here.

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